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St. Ives Energizing Body Wash; A tangerine triumph with great value!

"With 100% natural citrus and cherry blossom extracts, this body wash energizes for an instant boost." -- Manufacturer's Description

St. Ives Energizing Body Wash (in Citrus and Cherry Blossom) simply rocks. I’ve always preferred shower gel to soap and I’ve frequently tried ones that claim to be citrus or orange scented, but actually just smell sweet and cloying. Not so, here! I’m absolutely loving the scent of St. Ives Energizing.




Citrus (specifically orange-like scents) is absolutely my favourite go-to scent for a shower. It’s zesty, fun and really wakes you up in the morning. While it contains cherry blossom inspiration as well, citrus is definitely the star of this Body Wash. It has an energising mandarin scent that’s full of pep, zest and smells...weirdly yummy. While it does contain added fragrance, it delivers on the scent it promises and that’s very important to me.

It’s also a brilliant body wash. Whether you use a shower poof (sponge/loofah it goes by many names) or not, St. Ives Energizing Body Wash works well. I tried it with my usual shower puff and also applied it directly to my skin. In both cases it spreads really well and foams up a lot, so you really get that foamy, clean feeling. Because it’s a gel format, it really covers a lot of skin when you use it directly and you don’t need to use a ton.

My skin was left super soft afterward, so I don’t really have anything to complain about!




One of my favourite things about St Ives is that you can get great smells at a great price. The value for St Ives. Energising Body Wash is similarly good. It’s only $4.97 for a giant 650ml bottle that will last ages.

Given it delivered on skin softness, great citrus smell and value, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it in the future.

You can buy St. Ives Energizing Body Wash at a store near you for $4.97 (at time of review)

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