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Senville Oscillating Tower Fan; A functional if somewhat ugly fan.

"Senville adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan is great for your home, business or bedroom. Enjoy the ultimate comfort with remote control, led display, and timer. "

-- Manufacturer's Description --

The Senville Oscillating Tower Fan delivers on everything except for looks. While it doesn’t look bad, the glossy black design isn’t really to my taste and the remote looks pretty cheap. I do like the tower-style design though and everything else about the Senville fan is brilliant so I’m willing to forgive the looks.

Senville Oscillating Tower Fan with remote. Tall black tower fan.
The Senville Oscillating Tower Fan is not much in the looks department

If I could use two words to describe this fan it would be simple and effective (sing along to the tune of Kingdom Heart’s Simple and Clean if you must). It’s super easy to operate. While the remote is ugly, it works well and has the same functionality as the tower itself. All the buttons are clearly and individually labelled and only a quick read through the manual is needed to understand them. The button icons make sense so after learning it once, it sticks for good.

I didn’t find a need to have so many different fan modes, though I guess it’s nice if you have a particular type of air you like. I’ve always enjoyed a fan blowing straight at me on full, so I’ve never needed those settings. I did like the three ‘speeds’ or strengths, because sometimes it’s hot and sometimes it’s slightly less hot (I have a way with words, I know!). I often take photos and videos (can you tell) so it’s nice to have the option to set the fan lower as well since I don't want it blowing stuff around when snapping pics!

Senville Oscillating Tower Fan is a tall black fan with oscillation and speed settings
The Tower fan oscillates and has a range of three speed settings as well

My partner enjoys an oscillating fan and the Senville Tower Fan has that as well. The Oscillation goes over a wide area and works perfectly. The fan is also reasonably quiet, even on the highest setting, more than that, the sound is steady, not annoying, rattly, or irritating.

The timer feature is a brilliant addition, as you can set it to turn off after anywhere from 1-7 hours. A small negative here is that the timer is a little complex. If you want 7 hours, for example, you must press the button until 1hr, 2hr and 4hr are all lit up. It allows them to offer more hours for less LED work on the fan, but it’s an annoyance for consumers.

Assembly is very simple. Snap two pieces together on the base, unscrew a ring, put pole on fan (or not if you want it shorter) and then put through base and screw ring back on. Voila, your fan is ready to go.

The Senville Oscillating Tower Fan is an old-fashioned looking fan in traditional glossy black, that won’t win any awards for it’s looks, but it’s performance is actually really good. If you’re looking for an oscillating fan that has a few bonus settings and works well, this is the one for you.


+ Canadian company. (Or at least based in Canada)

+ Fan comes with many features (Timer, flow type and speed)

+ Oscillates on a wide area.

+ Performs well.

+ Relatively quiet, even on strongest setting.

+ Easy to setup.

+ Pretty easy to learn to use.

+ Adjustable height.


- Ugly design. Glossy black unit and remote are a little cheap looking.

- Timer setting can be a little confusing.

Recommended: Yes, I use this fan daily to stay cool while taking photos and it’s working great!

You can buy the Senville Oscillating Tower Fan at Amazon.ca for CDN$89.99 (at time of review)

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I received this for free through the Amazon Vine program, which I will always be upfront about. I'm allowed to review it however I want and won't shy away from negative reviews.

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