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Pop-up Greeting Cards; a fun way to celebrate a special day!

Meihejia 3D Greeting Cards are really a show-stopping design! Despite being described as birthday cards, the insides are blank, so really you can use them for any occasion. My motto is ‘There’s always room for improvement’ and while that’s true for these cards, I can’t downplay how wonderfully fun they are either. When I put myself in the shoes of a recipient of one of these cards, I can imagine they get a lovely surprise. These cards are 3D in an extremely bold manner. Like opening a pop-up book except you don’t expect it, the designs explode out at you.

In terms of improvement, it would be nice if there was more design on the front. The front has a simple papercut design that matches the interior theme (Flowers, peacock and pirate). I’m ok with it being simple, but it looks a little unfinished there and on the inside. It would be wonderful to have some text, or a slightly bigger design that fills up that space.

Meihejia 3D Pop up Greeting Card with a 3D pirate ship design that pops out
The Pirate Pop-up card is a real stand out design!

The Pirate card is my favourite of these Pop-up Greeting Cards. That’s because the interior of the Pirate Card does have a little bit extra to it, with cut-out waves and birds on the flat section of the card. The Peacock is lovely too, due to the different colours. The bouquet card is gorgeous, but I find it’s not as visually obvious as the other two and feels a little flimsier.

The quality of these cards is lovely. While I do think the colour could be improved (blue for the Peacock and pink for the flowers maybe), the card is thick and good quality. It’s a quality feeling crimson paper with a fine glitter throughout it. The envelope provided is also fancy with the same shimmer, but this time a pearlescent white colour.

The cards are a fair value, since I find cards in Canada are very expensive. For a pack of three, $16.99 (current price at time of review) means you’re paying $5.66 a card. This is cheaper than I’ve paid for much uglier cards, so I’m happy with that.

Meihejia 3D Pop up Greeting Cards are a lovely way to say happy birthday, I love you, or thank you. The pop-up designs will surprise your recipient and make them feel special. I recently sent one of these out and got great feedback on it, so they are fantastic to send to those you want to make smile!


+ Interesting designs that are unexpected due to the Pop-up style.

+ Colourful designs (peacock and bouquet).

+ Good quality card with glitter/shimmer throughout.

+ Lovely Pearlescent envelope.

+ Sure to delight the recipient!


- Envelopes don't stick very well.

- Cards are a bit bare bones in terms of design, could use some text.

Recommended: Yes, the value is good and the surprise factor is worth it.

You can buy Meihejia 3D Pop up Greeting Cards at Amazon.ca for CDN$16.99 (at time of review)

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I received this for free through the Amazon Vine program, which I will always be upfront about. I'm allowed to review it however I want and won't shy away from negative reviews.

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