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Olay Sensitive Skin calming facial Moisturizer with SPF; A comfortable, daily use face cream.

Skin type: Combination. Pale.

Olay Sensitive Skin calming facial Moisturizer is a sensitive skin moisturiser that’s great for daily use and I really enjoyed it that way. It’s no secret that I think pretty highly of Olay. My mum has used them her entire life (just a simple Olay Moisturiser and nothing else) and her skin is fantastic. They are reasonably priced and don’t charge a premium for leaving out the ‘nasties’ like some companies! They’ve been my go-to daily moisturiser for years when I’m not testing.

Olay’s Calming Facial Moisturiser is a great moisturiser for day use for those on a budget. I love that it’s fragrance-free and smells of nothing but a pleasant ‘cream’ smell. Since it’s non-comedogenic it doesn’t block pores and it’s also free of oils, dyes, silicones and parabens. The SPF is an added bonus as it will protect from the sun’s hidden rays during Winter, and Fall. In Summer and Spring, you’ll want an extra sunscreen when going outside.

The consistency is also perfect for me as it’s thick, but not too thick; spreadable, but not watery. It feels pleasant on the skin and absorbs quickly without any greasiness.

Over my time using it, I did notice an improvement in my skin, though I do always breakout a little when switching products. Olay’s Skin Calming Moisturiser and it’s Hungarian Water Essence left my skin feeling fresher and much, much softer.

Overall, I found this Sensitive Skin moisturiser was fantastic at softening my skin and had a brilliant user experience with good consistency and no fragrance. I’d recommend it without hesitation especially to those on a budget.

You can buy Olay Sensitive Skin calming facial Moisturizer at Amazon.ca for $20 ( Sold out at time of review).

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I received this sunscreen for free through the Amazon Vine program, which I will always be upfront about. You can see all my reviews or rate them as helpful via my Amazon profile

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