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Olay Sensitive Calming Facial Moisturizer; Great Night Cream, but not for Budget Babes.

"This lightweight cream won't clog pores, is mild enough for sensitive skin, and delivers 24-hours of soothing hydration."

Skin type: Combination

Olay Sensitive Calming Facial Moisturizer (with Hungarian Water Essence) is a slam dunk for me in terms of how effective it is and how easy and comfortable it is to use. Whether it will be right for you, very much depends on your budget. If you’re looking solely based on how effective it is, this moisturiser worked fantastically well on my Combination skin.

I’ve always enjoyed Olay products for their simplicity and was pleased to see this was as good as other Olay Moisturizers that I’ve used.




With some face creams it can take up to four weeks to see an effect, but after only a week’s use of Olay Sensitive Facial Moisturiser, I noticed a difference. My skin was more even and fresher. I felt like my skin was more hydrated, but the biggest difference was in touch feel. My facial skin felt so soft and nice to the touch. It was a massive change in softness.


Ease of use/Consistency


I found this to be a fairly thick cream, which I like. Since Olay Sensitive Facial Moisturiser is so thick though, it’s really more suitable as a night cream. Besides, they have a pump bottle version with an SPF that’s more suited to day use. Despite it’s thick consistency, it’s easily spreadable and I found it absorbed within ten minutes with no oiliness or stickiness. If I applied too much it was a bit tacky feeling.

Like other Olay creams, the lack of fragrance benefits sensitive skin, but also means it’s a really pleasant experience. There’s no weird or overly strong smell, just a gentle cream scent that won’t irritate anyone!




I did find it to be slightly higher priced than most Olay creams, but this is likely due to it being specifically designed for sensitive skin. If you have another skin type, you can definitely find an Olay moisturiser in your budget, but those with sensitive or easily inflamed skin might want to splurge on this.




A great moisturiser, that’s better suited as a night cream, Olay Sensitive Calming Facial Moisturiser ticks all the boxes. Since it’s lacking fragrance, dye, oil, silicones and parabens it’s perfect for those wanting a ‘cleaner’ moisturiser. I will continue to use this.


+ Free of all the nasties (Fragrance, Dye, Oil, Silicones and Parabens).

+ Effective in softening, calming and freshening skin. (On Combination skin)

+ Recommended and designed specifically for sensitive skin.

+ Gentle Cream scent that is pleasant.

+ Comfortable and easy to spread. Medium thick consistency.


- Better as a night cream.

- More Highly Priced than some Olay offerings.

Recommended: Yes, for everyone except those on a tight budget (you can choose another Olay product as I’ve found them all to be very effective), but especially for those with Sensitive Skin.

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I received this for free through the Amazon Vine program, which I will always be upfront about. I'm allowed to review it however I want and won't shy away from negative reviews. You can see all my reviews or rate them as helpful via my Amazon profile

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