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Neutrogena Clear Face: The Perfect facial sunscreen!

Skin type: Combination. Pale.

Absolutely love this Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen Lotion. My only complaint would be that I was sent the SPF 30 option, which is a little low for me. I have extremely pale, Scottish skin that burns easily even on overcast days, so SPF 30 only works for me in spring or early summer, during the hottest summer days I need a higher SPF. This is available in higher SPF though, so it’s not really a problem when you're buying it.

This sunscreen has everything I need, it doesn’t clog pores or cause breakouts, it’s water and sweat resistant (so good for swimming or exercise) and it’s fragrance-free. For me, fragrance-free is always a bonus as sometimes scents are too strong, especially on the face. Though often fragrance-free has a natural scent (the chemicals of the sun lotion, for example), this one barely smells like anything. What smell there is, is a light lotion scent that doesn’t bother me.

The consistency is a little runnier than I expected and quite watery. I prefer a thicker lotion, but the consistency of this actually helps it to spread and absorb quickly and easily, so it’s ideal for covering larger areas.

It’s a brilliant facial sunscreen and I’d definitely buy it in the future. I even use it on my body, though if it’s out of your budget, sticking to face can help you stretch it.

You can buy Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen Lotion at Amazon.ca for $14.77 (At time of review).

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I received this sunscreen for free through the Amazon Vine program, which I will always be upfront about. You can see all my reviews or rate them as helpful via my Amazon profile

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