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Nespresso Vertuo Next Espresso Machine; A small, simple machine for newbies.

"VERTUO NEXT, the latest VERTUO Nespresso coffee maker with an all-new design and colors for the ultimate brewing experience."

-- Manufacturer's Description --

White and black Nespresso Vertuo Next Espresso Machine with Espresso cup
The Nespresso Vertuo Next uses pod style capsules to make espresso and coffee

The Nespresso Vertuo Next is a handsome, compact Nespresso machine at an accessible price point. It’s simple ease-of-use and good looks make it a great entry into the Nespresso family, meaning it’s perfect to try out a Nespresso without spending a lot and see whether or not you like it.

Like other Nespressos it comes with a taster sample of 14 coffee pods to help you learn what you like, but after that you’ll need to supply your own!

Because this is a relatively simple Coffee and Espresso Machine, this Nespresso only has the basic settings. That’s because the Vertuo Next is designed to be as simple as possible to use. There’s a single button, yes only one; almost everything is automated. The coffee pods come with barcodes and the machine scans this and performs accordingly, so you only need to press the ‘GO’ button.

For more info on how Nespresso works, click here.

It does have some more advanced features that can be found on all Nespresso machines. To use some of the more complex settings, you are going to need to crack the manual as they require things like holding the button and doing certain things to activate that mode in the machine. To its credit, the manual is painstakingly clear on these things and just follow it step by step to change the amount of water that goes into each ‘size’ of coffee. It’s a great feature because you can customise it to your own coffee cups and espresso glasses, or just make your coffee more watered down if you prefer it that way.

Nespresso Vertuo Next Espresso Machine  in 100% recyclable box
Nespresso Vertuo Next has recently redesigned their box and packaging to be more environmentally friendly

There’s also a power-saving setting and a few others, but mostly it’s pretty bare-bones.

Cleaning the Nespresso Vertuo Next is also simple and while the manual is, again, very descriptive it does neglect to mention adding the side elements (capsule bin and drip tray) back in after removing them to empty or clean. Make sure you don’t empty the machine or run the clean cycle without those in or water will pool out. I learned that the hard way!

It comes with an app, but I didn’t feel the need to use it as the machine itself is so simple.

This machine works only with the pods and cannot be used with your own coffee or to grind your coffee. It’s a basic, beginner machine.

This is a beautiful machine, especially given the compact size and lower price point. While the white section is hard plastic, it looks like enamel and the ridged pattern makes it look even more so. I really loved the contrast of the glossy white and matte black and the raised Nespresso lettering.

Nespresso Vertuo Next Espresso Machine with white section and raised lettering
The white portion of the Vertuo Next comes with light ridges that give an enamelled look

The Nespresso Vertuo Next does NOT have an adjustable water reservoir at the back, so you can’t change the position. It comes with the capsule bin that the pods automatically discard into when you unlock the machine to add a new one, but like other Nespressos it lacks a pod storage for unused pods. You’ll need to get one of those (official or not) or use a box for your pods.

The Vertuo Next uses the flatter ‘pod’ capsule size that’s common to the Nespresso Vertuo machines.

The environmental impact of these kind of things can be concerning. However, the aluminum they're made of is endlessly recyclable, which makes it more environmentally friendly than many similar machines and also avoids plastic. You can buy a third party reusable pod, but I found it in the US and the reviews aren't great, plus you miss out on the special flavoured drinks.

Nespresso Vertuo Next Espresso Machine pod taster box
Nespresso Vertuo Next capsules are more pod-like and it comes with a sampler box of these

Nespresso does offer a recycling program. The recycling program is pretty good. Either request a bag from a Nespresso store (or it will be included in your next online order of pods), fill it up with empty pods and pop it in your usual recycling bin. It will be sent back to Nespresso. Pretty simple and easy. Check on their website as it might vary from province to province (I'm in QC), but where I am, it works great.

It is worth mentioning that the Nespresso pods are definitely on the expensive side for these types of machines, especially if you plan to drink a cup or two every single day. However, when compared to buying fresh espresso daily, it is a saving. So it’s probably worth it if you drink a lot of espresso or flavoured type coffee.

The sound produced by the ‘whirling’ of the pod is not overly loud, but it’s certainly not quiet, so don’t expect a silent machine at this lower price point.

Included with some Vertuo Next machines is an Aeroccino milk frother. Having used traditional milk frothers, this electronic one is way easier. It has one button, and two functions. Press it once to froth milk for hot drinks, and hold the button for three seconds if you want to froth milk for cold drinks. You can remove the 'whisk' and repeat these steps for steamed milk. It’s easy and works quickly, though it can only froth enough milk for one or two cups of coffee at a time. It's also pretty cool to watch. It's similarly easy to clean, don't submerge, but you can wash the inside out. I think it's fantastic and it makes a mean hot chocolate too!

A perfect Nespresso for beginners, the Nespresso Vertuo Next is the simplest Nespresso machine I’ve ever seen. It comes with all the basic features, but is mainly automated and thus as simple as pressing a button. It’s perfect for those who want to try a cheaper Nespresso and see if they like it, but it doesn’t offer a ton of extras beyond the included capsule gift pack.


+ Easy to clean.

+ Easy to setup.

+ Compact Size.

+ Coffee sizes are fully adjustable.

+ Optional app.

+ White design looks like enamel and has nice contrast.

+ Taster sample included.

+ Capsules can be recycled.

+ Super easy to use and understand the manual instructions for more advanced features.


- Can’t grind coffee or use anything other than the capsules.

- Capsules can be expensive.

Recommended: For beginners. Nespresso veterans will find it too simple. Could also make a good second machine for a different room.

You can buy the Nespresso Vertuo Next Espresso Machine at Amazon.ca for CDN$199.98 (at time of review). Here are some colour options with and without Aeroccinos.

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