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Mont-Bleu Crystal Nail File; A beautiful gift for anyone who does their nails!

"The glossy Czech glass is tempered for extra durability and the crystal nail file comes with a lifetime guarantee and effective coarse filing surface for extra-precision shaping."

I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with nail appearance but the Mont-Bleu Crystal Nail Files make me wish I was. These would make a lovely gift for Beauty Babes, Look Queens or anyone who does their nails on a regular basis. I like to keep my nails at a medium length with the classic ‘Squoval’ tip, I use a nail file to keep the shape nice and to get rid of any raggedy edges after clipping. I already own a name brand glass nail file (Julep) and so I was comparing the Mont-Bleu Nail Files directly to that.




The Nail Files are beautiful, that’s the first thing you notice. They have lovely graduating colours on some and solid colours on others, but there’s a nice range of both feminine and primary colours available.

They claim to be real Swarovski crystals and I believe it, these gems are so much more sparkly than the cheap gems I normally see stuck onto similar products. It’s an absolutely beautiful sparkle on the Mont-Bleu Files. They are also well-attached and not likely to fall off.

When it comes to filing nails they work fantastically well and just as well as my more expensive file. If you’ve never used glass files before, I find it’s a lot smoother than other types. It’s not going to take off the nail as quickly or messily, so it’s ideal for small adjustments and smoothing the nail tip.




At $38.50 (at time of review) this won’t be within everyone’s budget. It IS a multipack, so better suited for gifting, stocking stuffers, or just giving yourself a lot of colour options. At the current price you get 6 Mont Bleu Czech glass nail files, with one being free. This means each has a cost of $6.41, which is a good saving on buying them individually and not that much money per file.

Since you do pay more for Swarovski crystals, I’m actually impressed by the price, but not everyone will need this many nail files.




A multi-pack with good value and real Swarovski crystals, this will appeal to feminine nail art lovers, but it can also make a sweet gift as part of a self-care gift bag. I’m impressed with Mont-Bleu Czech Tempered Glass Nail Files!


Good value per file.

Beautiful colours.

Crystals seem to be genuine Swarovski, high sparkle payoff!

Covers to keep the glass protected.

Unlikely to break in transit (well packaged).

Smooth filing action and works as well as more expensive brands.


- Not everyone will need this many nail files.

Recommended: Yes! Smaller packs are available if you need, but I love having such a broad colour choice too!

You can buy Mont-Bleu Crystal Nail Files at Amazon.ca for $38.50 for a six pack or individually (at time of review)

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I received this for free through the Amazon Vine program, which I will always be upfront about. I'm allowed to review it however I want and won't shy away from negative reviews. You can see all my reviews or rate them as helpful via my Amazon profile

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