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Lwind LED Photo Clip String Lights; Cute but cheap

" Soft warm-white light illuminates the photo well. Small LED lights are like fireflies, waving their wings to bring you special photos, you will feel warm."

-- Manufacturer's Description --

I’m always looking for cute home additions and had hoped the Lwind LED Photo Clip String Lights might jazz up my new home. While there was a lot to like about them, they definitely have their flaws, most of which are caused by the cheap quality. I can’t imagine they’re any worse than most other lights like this on the market, but they aren’t as nice as I’d envisioned in my head.

The biggest thing I disliked about them was that the wires/clips seemed to twist to the side slightly. While some sat flat, some of them turned a bit and left the photos sitting diagonally. Depending on the look you want, these could be your ideal clip string lights, but I wanted them flat as shown in the product photos.

Other than that they worked fine. The Lwind LED photo clips are lit from behind by an LED and I had no issues with it running through batteries or becoming hot. It does take 3 x AA batteries which is quite a lot. It can be set to flash or stay static. I prefer cool lighting to these warm-hued lights.

They do like quite cute hanging up, especially in the dark and they would make a good addition to a pegboard or bulletin board.

Lwind LED Photo Clip String Lights show a series of instagram photos hung on the wall
These String Lights are perfect for hanging polaroid style or Instagram printouts

The quality of these photo string lights was not top-notch, but simply ok. While overall it was fine, it did have a strong plastic smell. The lights are glued into the photo clip casing (presumably with hot glue) and one of them had come loose. However, when popped back in it stayed put unless pulled, so it wasn’t a massive issue. It’s clear though, that they are pretty cheaply made.

At $19.99 (current price) I feel the Lwind LED Photo Clip String Lights are a tad overpriced. When considering the quality and effectiveness, I would expect them to cost about $12.

Lwind LED Photo Clip String Lights shown close up and lit in a dark environment
The Lights have a warm hue set behind the clips

Lwind LED Photo Clip String Lights don’t have the highest quality, given their price, but they do look cute and could be a good option for some folks.


+ Cute look.

+ Ability to hang photos.

+ Good for bulletin or peg boards.

+ Battery powered.


- Clips twist and display some photos at an angle.

- Warm light is not my preference.

- Cheap quality for the price.

Recommended: If you have a pretty tight budget, no, but if you like the look and take into account what I say, they could be right for you.

You can buy Lwind LED Photo Clip String Lights at Amazon.ca for CDN$ 19.99 (at time of review)

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I received this for free through the Amazon Vine program, which I will always be upfront about. I'm allowed to review it however I want and won't shy away from negative reviews.

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