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JoePaul's Crafts; Whittling wasn't possible with their Wood Carving Tools

"Treat Yourself To Convenience & Precision In Your Whittling Tasks!" -- Manufacturer's Description.

Don’t buy your hook knife from Joe Paul’s Crafts unless you want to spend time sharpening it. I come from the future many years from now (where we are all whittling in a post-apocalyptic wasteland) to warn you! All jokes aside, I was really disappointed with this hook or ‘spoon’ knife. I’m a total beginner to carving (I’ve only done flesh before now!) and watched a lot of videos to learn the skills I needed to tackle some spoon blanks (also from Joe Paul’s and for what it’s worth they seem fine), but was totally unprepared for what to do when the tool was blunt.

From what I’ve seen, you don’t take off that much wood at a time when whittling (it’s a slow process), but this hook knife could barely even cut into the wood. In order to sharpen it I would have needed ultra-fine grit sandpaper and a strop, which I don’t have.

If you’re an expert carver, sure you could buy this and sharpen it up, but why? I really expect tools like this to arrive sharp and it’s a massive disappointment when they don’t. Any beginner ordering the JoePaul’s Hook Knife would face the pain of having to put aside their excitement and delay starting a new hobby.

The good? I mean, it’s made in the USA. It’s a family business. But if this quality of wood carving tools is what that gets us, I’m not surprised that more business comes from outside of the US and Canada. It’s an even bigger kick in the teeth to buy more local and receive something subpar. The handle is attached well and is smooth, but with a blunt blade that doesn’t matter as much. They do offer a money-back guarantee, but as a reviewer, I can't comment on how that would go.

I really can’t recommend JoePaul’s Crafts Wood Carving Tools for all of the above reasons and would warn you not to buy them as well!

Recommended: No. I can't recommend it given the condition my purchase arrived in.

You can buy JoePaul crafts Hook Knife for Whittling Spoon Blanks and Bowls (But why would you?!) at Amazon.ca for CDN$ 13.99 (at time of review)

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I received this for free through the Amazon Vine program, which I will always be upfront about. I'm allowed to review it however I want and won't shy away from negative reviews. You can see all my reviews or rate them as helpful via my Amazon profile

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