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Greenlife Nano Ionic Facial Steamer; A simple design that works well!

"Nano ionic face steamer generates superfine hot steam in seconds, which can penetrate deep into the skin."

-- Manufacturer's Description --

While I do often use a facial steamer before a face mask, I use a steamer for a different purpose than most. I get awful congestion in certain weathers and that can lead to headaches, I find that steaming helps me to loosen up that congestion and breathe more clearly. So it’s a twofer, clearer sinuses and better skin! Whatever you use a steamer for, you’ll want to know that the GreenLife Nano Ionic Facial Steamer works very well. I’m comparing it directly to my name brand steamer.

Greenlife Nano Ionic Facial Steamer and box
The box and design are simple and white with just a pop of pink

I already had a Steamer, but wanted to try this one and at the end of my testing I actually decided the GreenLife Nano Ionic Facial Steamer will be the one I keep. While there’s nothing wrong with my usual steamer, the Greenlife Steamer pulls ahead in terms of ease of use. I like the design too. Since this steamer has a water fill area that you can lift out and take to the kitchen to fill, I found it so much easier to use.

Keep in mind that the manufacturer recommends using distilled water to avoid bacteria buildup, mineral deposits and damage to the machine over time depending on your water hardness. I’ve always used tap water and never had an issue, I just accept that if it breaks sooner, it’s my own fault. I find it cheaper to eventually buy a new device than pay for distilled water regularly. You can read more about using a steamer and steamer maintenance here.

I also prefer the steam output of the GreenLife Nano Ionic Facial Steamer. It feels more like a comfortable mist as opposed to a boiling hot wave, like my other steamer. I feel the spread is much wider and I don’t need to put a towel over my head like I do with my steamer. I feel my face gets steamed even without the addition of the towel.

Greenlife Nano Ionic Facial Steamer shown with dust cover on
I prefer the upright design of the Greenlife Facial Steamer

The quality is very nice, there were no flaws or issues that stood out. One minor thing I noticed is that on the first couple of uses, the mist smelled a bit. I think it’s just a ‘new machine’ smell, as it went away after a few uses.

The pink, floral style interior is really pretty and the plastic doesn’t have messy or unfinished edges, the whole machine is smooth and sleek.

The included extra tool kit is ok quality, but not as nice as the machine. Since it’s free I’m not concerned there.

At $42.89 (at time of review) the GreenLife Nano Ionic Facial Steamer is average price. Some steamers are a little lower (though a different style) and some are much higher. I feel the value is fair for what you’re getting, which is an extremely easy to use Facial Steamer that works well.

The added Blackhead Remover Tools Kit is not something that appealed to me, but it does add a bit of extra value if it’s something you'd be into. Don’t forget to sterilize your tools regularly!

The GreenLife Nano Ionic Facial Steamer is a cute, compact Facial Steamer that’s perfect for beginners or as a gift. Its ease of use and pleasant design make it much more preferable than my name-brand steamer and I’ve switched fully to using this one!


+ Works well.

+ Nice pink, floral inspired design.

+ Mist spreads really evenly and feels comfortable on the face.

+ Easy to refill, since the water reservoir is removable.

+ Comes with a free Blackhead Remover Kit.

+ The dust cover keeps dust out of your Steamer.


- Has a ‘new machine’ smell on first couple of uses.

Recommended: Yes! I’ll update if it doesn’t last, but I prefer this to my previous Facial Steamer.

You can buy Greenlife Nano Ionic Facial Steamer at Amazon.ca for CDN$26.99 (at time of review)

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I received this for free through the Amazon Vine program, which I will always be upfront about. I'm allowed to review it however I want and won't shy away from negative reviews.

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