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KFISI Moon Lamp; A neat gimmick that might work for you

"It will help your kid overcome its fear of the dark and spark creativity if used as bedroom decoration."

-- Manufacturer's Description --

KFISI Moon Lamp floats above it's platform. Visible ridges dot the surface of the lamp
The Moon lamp has noticeable ridges as it's 3D printed

To see the unboxing, check out the review of the other KFISI magnetic lamp I tried.

The KFISI Magnetic Levitation Moon Lamp looks like it would be stunning and while it had the same coolness factor as the other KFISI lamp I tried, it had too many really disappointing parts. In the end, quality and functionality really let this moon light down.

One of the biggest flaws this lamp has it it’s functionality. This Levitating Moon Lamp is a nightmare to levitate! While I was able to get it to levitate in less than ten tries the first time, later times I tried upwards of 40 times without success. I think most people who bought it wouldn’t try that hard and would simply send it back. The rounded bottom makes it near impossible to balance it. If you do manage to balance it, touching it to try and make it rotate, or sometimes even pressing the power switch, is enough to make it come crashing down!

I also really struggled to get the lamp to do any of its ‘alternate’ modes. I tried tapping, pressing and holding the power button, to no avail. The included instruction manual has imperfect English that doesn’t make it clear how to dim or change the light and as a result, I was unable to do that. Frequently the light would go out for no reason.

It’s not a particularly effective light either. The KFISI magnetic moon lamp is more of a show piece and would only really work as a nightlight. Since it’s not suitable for kids, that means it’s not a functional light piece.

The quality of the moon lamp is abysmal. Like...I was shocked. Comparing it to the sale listing, the photoshopped moon pictures are not in anyway what you’ll receive. First of all, the moon lamp is quite small. The levitation height is also much lower than the other KFISI lamp. More importantly, it’s 3D printed and has visible ridges, frankly looking quite ugly in the light.

When lit, in the dark, the lamp does look much better, but it’s still not anything close to what is advertised. In the darkness you can see the ridges and shadows of the moon, but they don’t have a high contrast. There is also a very visible line around the moon where the panel has been taken off (presumably to insert the magnets) and then re-attached.

The light falls when unplugged, so you’ll need to re-levitate it if you don’t want it plugged in all the time. After a gazillion attempts to levitate it after unplugging, I actually gave up. At this point I noticed the metal plate in the base was lifting up. The quality just isn’t here, especially given the high price point.

At $99.98 (at current time of review) the KFISI Magnetic Levitation Moon Lamp is insanity personified. Paying a premium price for a shoddy product is bad enough - but the fact that the pictures and description on the sale listing mislead you about it’s quality - is especially bitter.

I would pay $20 for someone to erase this experience from my memory, but I certainly wouldn’t pay $100 to repeat it.

KFISI Moon Lamp levitates. A line and moon patterns can be seen on the light.
In darker lighting the moon patterns can be seen, but it's not as bold as advertised

The KFISI Magnetic Levitation Moon Lamp has terrible quality, awful functionality and a questionable marketing strategy. While it looks cool in the dark when you’re able to get it to work, those times are few and far between.


+ Cool idea.


- Near Impossible to levitate. Seems to happen at random with no rhyme or reason.

- Bad quality. Metal plate starting to separate after a handful of uses. Light goes on and off for no reason.

- Poor functionality. Not very bright, only looks good in the dark.

- Advertising is misleading and not accurate to what you receive.

- Couldn’t figure out the other lighting modes. Made worse by poor english in instructions.

Recommended: NO, step away from the light. STEP AWAY FROM THE LIGHT! Do yourself a favour and just don’t buy it.

You can buy the KFISI Moon Lamp at Amazon.ca for CDN$ 99.98 (at time of review)

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I received this for free through the Amazon Vine program, which I will always be upfront about. I'm allowed to review it however I want and won't shy away from negative reviews.

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