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KFISI Magnetic Suspension Desk Light; A neat gimmick that might work for you

"A cool concept that provides a gorgeous and unique decoration for your home"

-- Manufacturer's Description --

The KFISI Magnetic Suspension Desk Light is neat, if a bit gimmicky and out of the two levitating lights, this is one I preferred. It’s not perfect, it has it’s flaws and I would prefer it even more if it didn’t require power since a cable takes away from the design, but there’s something undeniably cool about it floating there. There’s a lot of things to consider when it comes to placement; the power cord, if you have pets who will play with it and it also must be kept away from electronics. However, It’s a neat light that will impress friends and family.

As a light source, the KFISI LED Floating lamp is a bit of a failure. It doesn’t provide a lot of light, only a dim light, which is why it’s listed as a possible night light. It’s not a replacement for a desk lamp. What it does provide is a really cool piece of decor. It would look equally awesome on a bookcase or shelf, if you’re able to hide the wire.

Getting the light to levitate is tricky and a little scary. When you get it wrong the light bulb is SLAMMED down onto the base and on more than one occasion I pinched my finger a little. I wouldn’t recommend this for kids! It did only take me two attempts to place it the first time, so it’s not impossible. This light bulb style floating lamp has a flat base, which means it floats much more easily than some other styles and also has a larger ‘gap’ between the base and the bulb.

Once it is floating the KFISI Magnetic Suspension Lamp is extremely cool. I was never clear on whether it was supposed to rotate or not, but if it has any movement it will start to spin. This could be annoying to some people, as it creates changing shadows. It’s really neat to watch, it just depends on your personal tastes.

The quality isn’t all the way there on this Light Bulb design, but it’s not cheap looking either. It could use a little more finesse on things like the plastic underside at this price. For this levitating lamp, you’re really paying for the cool factor and the magnets.

I was able to leave it running all day without problems and I’ll update if I have any issues later, but for now I’m happy with the quality.

At $99.98 (at current time of review) the KFISI Magnetic Suspension light isn’t a simple buy for anybody on a budget. So you really need to consider if it’s right for you, keeping in mind what I said about the placement and possible downsides. You’re paying for the magnets and the coolness factor of it.

KFISI Magnetic Suspension Light floats above it's panel in the dark
The bulb isn't the brightest, but the floating light looks very cool

This Magnetic Suspension Desk Lamp by KFISI is a cool design at a premium price. It would make a fantastic gift for any nerdy or science interested person, but be aware of the negatives and you can’t go wrong!


+ Beautiful looking design.

+ The Levitation is really cool and fun to watch.

+ Makes a great premium gift.

+ Works well as a decor piece and talking point.


- Cord is hard to hide and can interfere with the look of it.

- Doesn’t play well with pets or electronics and can be difficult to place because of that.

- Difficult to get to suspend and slams down in a scary way when you get it wrong.

Recommended: If you’re aware of the downsides I would recommend this, but it’s not one for budget queens, it’s a cool decor item or premium gift and for both those occasions it works well.

You can buy KFISI Magnetic Suspension Desk Light at Amazon.ca for CDN$ 99.98 (at time of review)

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I received this for free through the Amazon Vine program, which I will always be upfront about. I'm allowed to review it however I want and won't shy away from negative reviews.

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