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Keyless Fingerprint Padlock; A deterrent that is fast and easy to open.

" Say goodbye to cumbersome password combinations. You can unlock smart padlock with your finger only for a split second"

-- Manufacturer's Description --

This Fingerprint Padlock suffered from lack of proper English on its packaging, so I was already feeling concerned when I opened it up. Despite it’s designation as a ‘Fingerpring lock’ I actually thought it was pretty decent. While I’m sure security experts can find a million ways to pop this open, from what I’ve heard about most cheap locks, they are not really security against anyone who really wants to break them. Mostly they are used as a deterrent. There were definitely some unexpected issues that lowered my opinion on this Fingerprint lock though.

Fingerprint Padlock inside it's packaging
The English mistake on the packaging made me expect far lower quality!

For what it’s worth it feels sturdy. Others who’ve reviewed it have mentioned how it can be broken with pliers and that the back is held on by double sided-tape, but I wasn’t able to pry that open (with my fingers anyway). It’s probably better recommended for home use against other family members.

I was impressed that it didn’t misread any fingerprints or let my partner open it, until I added his fingerprint that is. I like the ability to add up to 20 fingerprints and found the instructions clear and easy.

My biggest issue was the questions I was left with. The guide wasn’t clear about everything. For example, the battery life is supposedly 12 months (depending on usage I presume), but what if the battery runs out while it’s locked. Will it unlock. Do you need to charge it to open? Both would cause issues and it’s something I’d want to know.

Not being able to use it outside is also annoying. The Fingerprint Padlock is designed for indoor use.

It does have an app, but I wasn’t comfortable installing a 3rd party app on my phone at this time. I didn’t feel a need to use it and found the manual controls were perfect for me. I don't see a need to install the app, but it's there if you do.

The padlock and fingerprint reader both feel heavy and sturdy. As I mentioned above, I wasn’t able to pry the back off, but it is disappointing to hear from other reviews that it’s held on by tape. I worry about how it will hold up over time. I’ll update if anything breaks or goes wrong, of course.

It doesn’t feel low quality, but it also doesn’t feel high quality. I’d put it somewhere on the higher end of low quality.

Currently, this fingerprint lock is $28.99. I feel that price is a bit high, given the unanswered questions and lower quality. I’d be happy to pay $20 for it, just to try out the technology and use it indoors. At this price, I want a bit more quality and that outdoor ability as well.

Keyless Fingerprint Lock with it's manual
The Fingerprint Lock Manual is understandable despite the English error on the box

The Fingerprint lock is undoubtedly a cool piece of technology that takes the stress out of finding a key every time. However, the lack of real security means this is more of a deterrent (like many cheaper locks). It could be great for you, depending on the situation you want to use it for, but it could definitely use a little more polish and guidance as well.


+ Fingerprint is fast and easy to use, no more lost keys.

+ Ability to add multiple fingerprints.

+ Responds and opens well to approved fingerprints and doesn’t open for others.

+ Feels sturdy and weighty.

+ Long battery life.

+ Easy to use manual controls.


- A bit expensive.

- Quality is not high.

- Other reviewers have broken it easily, due to tape holding on the back (I didn’t have that issue).

- Doesn’t explain what will happen if the battery expires while lock is locked on something.

Recommended: If you’re planning to use it for indoor light use on something that’s not overly precious, yes. For example, it would be good for locking lunchboxes at work, keeping flatmates out of your room etc.

You can buy the SanJie Fingerprint lock at Amazon.ca for CDN$28.99 (at time of review)

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I received this for free through the Amazon Vine program, which I will always be upfront about. I'm allowed to review it however I want and won't shy away from negative reviews.

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