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EnergeticSky First Aid Kit; A must-have for the car or home!

"This ultimate small first aid kit consists of everything that you need to clean and dress minor wounds in a convenient mini pouch."

-- Manufacturer's Description --

I’ll admit, I’ve never had an official First Aid Kit (only a cobbled together one) and trying this EnergeticSky Emergency First Aid Kit made me realise I needed to get one. As I get older I start to think about what would happen in emergencies to me and those around me and I can’t believe I put off having a kit in the car for this long. Whether you choose to buy this one or not (and I do think it’s a good one), I would ask everyone reading to consider if they have what they’ll need in an emergency.

EnergeticSky First Aid Kit laid out with all its contents
The EnergeticSky First Aid Kit comes with all the basic supplies you need in an emergency

This Energetic Sky kit prioritises English and (I believe) German, but the manual has a huge range of world languages. One of my only disappointments was to find that the info for the metal ‘multi-tool’ included was only in Chinese. That means when I’m on the road I would need to look up the listing to figure it out.

I do like that they have that addition, as well as an emergency blanket, compass and a few other bits and pieces that will help out hikers, campers or people who might get lost in the wilderness.

There’s a surprising amount of stuff with this First Aid kit, that makes it perfect for the car. There’s a range of tools for CPR and emergency first aid, as well as all the gauze, plasters/band-aids and antiseptic you will need.

It does only come with one pair of gloves, so make sure to replace them if you use it. Nervous Nellies can add extra.

I love that the manual has basic first aid instructions. If you have no cell service and don’t know what to do many emergency situations are covered there.

The quality of this kit is fantastic! Other than the one unexplained emergency tool, everything is explained clearly in well-written English (and a range of other languages). The EnergeticSky Kit has sterile items sealed and marked clearly with an expiry date. While there is an expiry date on the sterile gauze, as long as they remain sealed they are considered sterile. Everything seems good quality and I’d feel one hundred percent comfortable using it.

The box itself is semi-hard with a soft water-repellent cover and a quality rubber handle. There are loops on the back for a belt or backpack straps.

While the box fits everything, it is relatively compact. If you move stuff around it can be tough to zip and there isn’t much room for additions. I wish the zipper was a touch smoother as it can feel a little stiff at times and if you’re weak from an accident, you want to be sure you can open it.

EnergeticSky First Aid Kit with medical supplies inside
Everything fits well, but there isn't much room for additional medical supplies

They say you can’t put a value on peace of mind, but if that value is $25.97 (at time of review) I’d gladly pay it. I feel like that’s a fantastically reasonable price for a kit full of stuff that works brilliantly in a car, boat or any kind of transport vehicle. I feel much more at ease having this around and even though I hope I’ll never need to use it beyond testing, I’m prepared if I need to.

The EnergeticSky First Aid kit is a compact, portable kit that is ideal for a vehicle. While you might want something more heavy-duty for home, it has everything you need in an emergency crash or if you lose your way. Pack this next to a small bag with some matches, food and other essential items and you’ll always know you’re prepared and able to protect your loved ones.


+ Everything you need for most emergencies.

+ Range of items to help if you are lost in the wilderness.

+ Good amount of gauze and band-aids.

+ Hard case that is light and portable.

+ Great value.

+ Must have item for the car.


- Zipper is a bit stiff.

- Multi-tool is not explained in the package and only comes with Chinese instructions.

Recommended: Yes. I can’t believe I went without one for so long. It’s really an essential that everyone should own. This First Aid Kit is good value and I can definitely recommend it.

You can buy EnergeticSky First Aid Kit at Amazon.ca for CDN$26.97 (at time of review)

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I received this for free through the Amazon Vine program, which I will always be upfront about. I'm allowed to review it however I want and won't shy away from negative reviews.

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