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KZOBYD Cat Windmill Toy; a unique toy that didn't thrill my cats.

"Not only a cat grooming brush, but also a rotating windmill cat toy."

-- Manufacturer's Description --

I feel a little bad for the KZOBYD Cat Windmill Toy, because it’s a quality well-made item, but my cats just weren’t over the moon for it. I would rate it as ‘ok’ because of that quality and because each cat is unique and different cats like different things, but my three just weren’t having it.

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Out of everything the Cat Windmill toy had to offer, only one aspect was successful, the spiked centre part. Bonnie really enjoyed chewing on that centre part and would put her whole mouth over it. It was often ruined though, by the suction cup not working well and the toy falling over. They recommend putting toothpaste on it to help clean their teeth, but mine would just lick it off, so I didn’t find that worked well.

The suction cup base of the KZOBYD rotating cat toy didn’t stick to my laminate flooring. I was able to get it to stick to hard plastic furniture and the wall, but it would fall off within three hours max. Suction cups are often like this, as they only really work well on very specific surfaces.

I loved the rotating windmill aspect of the toy, but my cats just didn’t care. I was able to get Archie to play with it exactly once (as featured on the video above), but even repeated coaxing didn’t interest them. I tried for more than a week and a half before giving up.

Though a cute idea, I also found the LED ball was difficult to activate, you had to really smack the toy for it to light up and most cats wouldn’t hit it that hard. I wasn’t sure if the catnip balls were safe to eat or combined with glue or something, so I didn’t feed them to my cats and left them in the toy alone, having the instructions mention if that’s safe would be a good idea!

the rotating Cat Windmill Toy sits with it's packaging, two catnip balls and LED ball.
The windmill cat toy comes with an LED ball and catnip balls.

The quality of the KZOBYD Turntable Windmill Cat toy was actually really decent. Sometimes cheaper cat toys have rough edges or dangerous glued one elements, not so here. The entire base and centre section are made of semi-hard silicone rubber, so it won’t hurt their teeth or gums. The plastic domes are set deep into the base and won’t accidentally come out.

It rotates smoothly and while it’s a little stiffer when sideways on a wall, it still turns pretty well. I really had no quibbles with the quality!

The value of this turning cat toy was so-so. At $17.99 it wasn’t expensive, nor cheap, but since they didn’t end up using it very much, the value lowered a lot. Given the good quality, the value was ok, but obviously your cat needs to like it or the money is wasted.

It’s one of the perils of purchasing cat toys is that you don’t always know how they will react. While I’ve come to know my cats' likes and dislikes over time, the KZOBYD windmill toy was a total wild card. Unfortunately, the gamble didn’t work out in their favour.


+ Great Quality.

+ Unique Design that feels fun.

+ Cats loved chewing on the centre ‘spiked section’

+ Soft rubber won’t hurt them.

+ Mechanism is smooth and turns well.

+ Cute colours available.


- My cats didn’t really love it.

- Unsure if catnip balls were safe to eat.

- Suction cup wasn’t effective.

- LED ball didn’t light up easily.

Recommended: I’m inclined to say yes based on the quality, but be aware that your cats might dislike it, as mine did. If you’re on a tight budget, stick to tried and tested cat toys, but if you’re looking to try something new, it’s not awful.

You can buy KZOBYD Windmill Cat toy at Amazon.ca for CDN$ 19.99 (at time of review)

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I received this for free through the Amazon Vine program, which I will always be upfront about. I'm allowed to review it however I want and won't shy away from negative reviews.

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