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AWINNER Pet Grooming Glove; A terrible alternative to a brush.

I’ve been wanting to try a pet grooming glove for a while, but unfortunately, the quality of the AWINNER pet Grooming glove just doesn’t stand up. While testing it the quality was definitely the biggest issue I faced, but with three cats I also didn’t find that they were in love with this grooming glove.




I thought it would be a fantastic option for my long-haired cat who always wants to bite brushes (Thanks Archie, ya butt!). However, I found the short stubby spike design of this pet grooming glove meant that it only really groomed the top coat and didn’t penetrate very far. Since Archie, the biter has no undercoat (he’s a Birman) I thought this would be fine, but it didn’t seem to neaten his fur. It does take off some fur, but doesn’t penetrate the lower sections of fur (or undercoat on my other cats) well enough.

The rubber of the brush also seems to build up static, leading to painful looks of betrayal and it doesn’t hold onto hair very well either. Since the Awinner grooming glove mostly lets hair float through the air, it’s not ideal for cats. You can’t really take an indoor cat outside to be groomed.

Even for dogs I can’t recommend this due to the quality. While it hasn’t yet fallen to pieces, I expect it to any day. If I even so much as gently tug the rubber portion it starts to separate from the glove. It’s obvious to me that the type of glue used to connect the two is not working well with fabric. As a result the rubber section of the groomer just peels up at the slightest touch. I don’t think it will last long.




The Awinner Pet Grooming Glove is cheap, at $12.99 (at time of review), but given the low quality and lack of effectiveness I feel it’s lacking in value. Even at $5 I wouldn’t purchase this.





Good for pets that are afraid of the brush.


- Doesn’t get the undercoat well or even the lower layers of the topcoat!

- Hair flies everywhere, so it’s only really good for outdoor grooming.

- Builds up static easily.

- Terrible quality, rubber section is attached with glue that doesn’t play well with fabric and it is peeling up already.

Recommended: Stay far, far away from the Awinner Pet Grooming Glove. NOT a good alternative to a brush.

You can buy AWINNER Pet Grooming Glove at Amazon.ca for $12.99 (at time of review)

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I received this for free through the Amazon Vine program, which I will always be upfront about. I'm allowed to review it however I want and won't shy away from negative reviews. You can see all my reviews or rate them as helpful via my Amazon profile

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