"Effortlessly eliminates toxic germs that linger on your items by killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses in 10 minutes!"

-- Manufacturer's Description --

There’s only one word for the Coral UV 3-in-1 Ultraviolet Sterilizer and Dryer and that’s FANTASTIC. This wasn’t a product I hadn't realised existed, I didn’t consider buying one and very quickly I realised just how much I needed one. It feels like the Cadillac of sterilising options. A UV steriliser like this is marketed to moms for obvious reasons, but it has a place in every single home and many businesses.

With the current COVID-19 Pandemic, buying a UV steriliser can help keep you and your family safe, but make sure you don’t let it lull you into a false sense of security. For example, use a steriliser on your mask, by all means, but it can’t get into the folds and crevices so still boil and sterilise your mask properly as well.

Coral UV 3-in-1 Ultraviolet Sterilizer and Dryer from the front.
The Coral UV Sterilizer is a nice large size to fit most small electronics or even masks.

Not sure what UV sterilising is? Here’s some info from the makers.

There’s really no way for a regular person to measure how effective UV sanitisation is from each device, but with the quality that Coral UV brings and the fact that it’s a company based in Canada and Third Party Lab Tested they are really backing up their claims.

When it comes to UV sterlisation there’s a lot of nonsense in the market, especially from smaller Chinese-made products. These products can’t deliver the force of UV that will sterilise items, but they still make the claims. So beware of snake oil salesmen when it comes to ultraviolet light!

Coral UV’s 3-in-1 UV Steriliser is fantastic. I’ve sterilised over 100 items in it already with no decrease in function or issues. They are also extremely straight-forward about the safety of the device and instructions to use it and make sure it’s effective.

Speaking of safety, the Coral UV Sanitiser shuts off the rays automatically when the lid is opened, keeping both adults and children safe. The really neat part is, it remembers your setting and when closed it resumes the cycle; very clever!

I’ve used it to sanitise electronics like phones and controllers (which are some of the germiest items in our household), sponges and even makeup and makeup brushes. It’s so easy to use that I found myself sterilising all the things I’ve felt never got a good enough clean.

The ease of use of the Coral UV Sanitiser and Dryer is one of the reasons I’d recommend it so highly. The range of settings is also fantastic. There’s a sterilise, sterilise and dry, 24 hour sterilise and a dry only setting, each of which comes with a range of times. I initially thought I’d use only the sterilise option, but that wasn’t the case. For example, I wash my makeup brushes and normally I’d leave them to dry, now I can pop them in the Coral UV and let it dry and sanitise simultaneously.

The only setting I didn’t use much was the 24 hour sterilise, which would be better for baby items. While I’ve loved sterilising household items, I feel this is an absolute MUST-HAVE for any modern mom. Being able to effortlessly sterilise bottles, pacifiers and breast pump parts is incredible. It feels like the future has arrived!

Coral UV 3-in-1 Ultraviolet Sterilizer and Dryer buttons are shown alongside the settings
The Coral UV Sanitiser comes with a wide range of sterlisation options and times

Everything about the Coral UV 3-in-1 UV Sanitiser and Dryer screamed quality at me. It’s a ‘scary’ seeming product, but thanks to the professional look, feel and amazing quality, I never felt nervous or ill-at-ease. The simple white box, with shimmery grey trim and clear markings feels incredibly simple and as a result, it makes using it even easier.

You can tell a lot of work has gone into both the branding and the engineering. When I read to keep it at distance from the wall to allow the back to have ventilation, I thought there’d be a noisy fan. I can’t explain how quiet this machine is. The Coral UV is quieter than any ‘whisper-quiet’ machine I’ve used. The quality is simply top-notch!

The quality can be seen in the design and the design is incredible quality; the two are linked. It’s not just about looks though. The cleverness of the design is what makes the Coral UV Sanitiser a dream to use. The buttons are effortlessly pressed and so simple to use (press once for the setting and more than once to change the times, then simply wait). The large ‘PRESS’ button on front makes it clear and easy to open the sterilising box and since the safety features protect you, there’s no worry about doing so.

It’s basically a big cube, but they’ve curved the edges of the design, so it never looks ugly or bulky. It would look great in any environment from a bedroom to a kitchen.

Coral UV 3-in-1 Ultraviolet Sterilizer and Dryer front button
The large PRESS button on the front makes opening the Coral UV sanitiser so easy!

On the interior, the surface is mirrored to reflect and bounce the UV light around and sterilise more effectively. A grey rubber seal keeps the UV where it’s supposed to be. There’s an optional basket attachment that allows you to fit more items. This basket works great for smaller items (caps/tweezers etc) and lets the UV light get all around the item.

It’s a decent size with enough room for a range of things. Keeping in mind that you can’t stack things and must spread them out, there’s enough room for most smaller items. You can even fit a pair of adult slippers in there, one at a time.

While CDN$ 179.00 (at time of review) isn’t a small amount of money (depending on your budget), I’ve tried a lot of non-essential products that cost a lot more. The Coral UV is extremely affordable and given the quality and size of the device, I think the price point makes it even more of an essential for every home. For moms, especially, the value is brilliant.

Keep in mind that there are some extras you’ll need. You’ll need a replacement HEPA filter every 3 months, but it also comes with 3 (and one already in the unit). At this time they aren’t on Amazon, but I found them on their website for $10 for a pack of 4, so not exactly breaking the bank at that price. At $24.99 for the replacement bulbs once a year, there are maintenance costs of $34.99 per year, not crazy for such a useful device!

The Coral UV 3-in-1 UV Sanitiser and Dryer is an effortlessly useful device that is a must-have for a modern household. The low price, high value and ease of use make it a must-buy and the third-party lab certification means you know you’re getting a quality UV sanitiser that actually works.


+ Canadian company.

+ Independently lab tested.

+ Amazing Value.

+ Incredible Quality.

+ Machine is simple and good looking.

+ Super Easy to use.

+ Clever interior design for best sterilisation.

+ Safety features to protect you and kids.

+ Multiple settings and times for each one. (Can dry and sanitise)

+ Very quiet.

+ Great Plug Length.

+ HEPA filters included for a year.

+ Works great for makeup brushes and tools, baby items and many more.


- Filters and replacements bulbs will set you back $34.99 a year (actually very reasonable, but any extra money is a con!)

Recommended: A million times, yes. If you have any extra room in your budget, you won’t be disappointed with this device!

You can buy Coral UV 3-in-1 Ultraviolet Sterilizer and Dryer at Amazon.ca for CDN$179.99 (at time of review)

You can also sign up for Rakuten when buying online and make more cash! If you use this link and spend more than $25 you will get $5 plus cashback on any purchase!

Make cash on stuff you were going to buy anyway!

I received this for free through the Amazon Vine program, which I will always be upfront about. I'm allowed to review it however I want and won't shy away from negative reviews.

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What is Wooden Cat Litter?

Originally cat litter was sand, but for many years now the popular choice has been a clay-based cat litter. Wood is relatively new on the market and in these eco-friendly times, it has been gaining popularity. What is it? Simply put, it's pressed wood pellets. Depending on the brand it can have other additives, but at its simplest base it's wood that's been super-compressed into a pellet shape.

Wooden Cat Litter
Wooden Litter is an alternative litter made of compressed wood pellets

The High Cost of Clay and Silica

There's a lot of reasons to avoid more traditional litters, but the main two are Health and Environmental reasons. Let's start with health.


While Silica avoids some of the health issues, clay cat litter brings a lot of dangers with it. The dust was what initially made me consider switching. Have you ever poured out the clay litter and saw that big cloud of dust come up? Yeah, me too. I was worried so I started to hit Google and do some research.

What I found was pretty horrific. Silica can cause cancer (research is divided on if this is an issue in cat litter, but when there's a safe alternative I prefer not to risk it). Clay litter dust can cause respiratory problems and that's not even the worst of it. If your cat is anemic and eats the litter (or maybe they're just a big ole' freak who loves to eat litter), it can cause an intestinal blockage and kill them. While many vets say that it's safe when grooming paws, I just didn't feel comfortable having it around after reading that.

Cat Stepping in Clay Cat Litter Pellets
Clay Cat Litter raises a lot of worries about the health of our feline friends


If the health issues are bad, the environmental impact is worse. Clay and Silica are both obtained via the process of Strip Mining, a process that most people are barely aware of, but that un-arguably destroys our environment and natural resources, causing many problems.

On top of that, Clay and Silica don't biodegrade like wood or plant-based litters (though some say plant-based litters have their own issues with some having clay or silica additives). Think about how we find Roman Pottery these days, clay takes a very long time to break up. Clay Pottery can take up to 1,000,000 years to biodegrade, so clay is not environmentally friendly at all! Imagine the amount of litter you go through each week. I have three cats so I go through quite a bit.

Silica Litter with a scoop in it
Silica Litter lasts longer, but still comes at a high environmental price

My Cat doesn't like Wood Litter, what do I do?

Cat is afraid of change. By Tranmautritam @ Pexels
Not all Cats are fans of change

Environmental switches aren't always easy, but some cats are finnicky and nobody wants to discourage a cat from the litter tray. To adjust a cat to wooden litter, mix a few pellets (no more than ten percent, or five if the cat is very anxious) into their regular litter. Over time, slowly up the amount, reducing if the cat shows undue stress or goes outside the box.

Check out this guide.

Worst comes to worst, try a different option, but most problems can be fixed with persistence and knowledge.

What happens when my cat uses wooden litter?

Let's throw all semblance of politeness, aside, you want to know what will happen when your cat uses the wooden litter, right? Most wooden litter is non-clumping (See Cature for Clumping), so for poop the pellets just cling to it. Many cats don't cover it, 2/3 of mine don't. However, I scoop right away since I have three cats using one tray, so it's essential to keep it clean. (I also wash it once a week and change the litter then and recommend the same).

For pee, it turns to sawdust, which ends up at the bottom of the tray. Because the natural wood helps mask the urine, it doesn't smell as bad as clay litter, but if you leave it to get dirty over a long time, it certainly will!

Woman scooping litter from a cat litter tray. @chatzie1978 on Pexels
Scooping the litter tray is not an enjoyable task, but our cats deserve the comfort of a clean box!

What are my Options?

I'm mainly focusing on wooden litter here because I've found it to be the best option. There are those who use plant-based or paper-based options, which often have clay or silica additives.

Wooden litter is usually made from wood offcuts or small pieces of wood that can't be used. It's pure wood that gets pulped and squished into pellet form. Some companies do add stuff, so always do your research and read up if you insist on the greenest option. Or request a review from me and I'll do it for you!

Wood Litter is completely biodegradable and flushable (though environmental orgs recommend composting as flushing can affect marine life). It also doesn't get tracked through the house as badly as clay litter grains.

Make the Switch for as little as SEVEN DOLLARS!

Wooden Cat Litter ranges in price, but as a whole tends to be more expensive than Clay. That was one of the reasons I waited to make the switch, but I have a big secret. If you're ABSOLUTELY broke, you can get a basic no-additive wooden cat litter for no money. Sounds too good to be true? It's not, it just isn't advertised as pet litter. 100% wood pellets for wood-burning stoves work perfectly as cat litter, as long as they have no additives. Sometimes they even say on the bag that they are suitable as pet bedding. A 40lb bag will set you back a mere CAD$7, as opposed to a similar price for a 10lb bag of wooden cat litter. This is a great option for those on a budget, though it is extremely basic with a less 'woody' smell and no odour control.

If you feel more comfortable with a known pet brand and want clumping and odour control check out my recent review and I'll put the links right here for you to buy some.

Cature Clumping

Paper and Plant-Based

Other Wooden Litter

You can also sign up for Rakuten when buying online and make more cash! If you use this link and spend more than $25 you will get $5 plus cashback on any purchase!

Make cash on stuff you were going to buy anyway!

Why you should make the switch to Wooden Cat Litter

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Buying any item after following our link supports our reviews and allows me to remain review more items! Since I insist on honesty, I don't get paid by sellers.

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"Keeps pet odor in check for 7 days. Our natural, clumping wood litter is unrivaled in absorption and odor control."

-- Manufacturer's Description --

Cature Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter Sensitive box beside a cute orange cat
Cornelius wasn't sure about the new litter at first!

See more about our pet testers here.

Not sure what Wood Cat Litter is, I've written a great guide to it!

I’ve been using Natural wood cat litter for a while and the Cature Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter (for Sensitive Cats) is a step above my brand, but it comes at a higher price too. I’ll get to the point, if budget wasn’t an issue for me, I would buy this without hesitation. If you’re wealthy or have a high budget for cat litter, get this right away, it’s incredible. Compared to my usual wooden cat litter (which is in fact just pressed wood pellets with no additives), this has a lot of benefits.

The wood pieces are much smaller with the Cature Clumping Wood Litter, meaning they don’t get kicked around the house as much. They clump as opposed to my wood litter which doesn’t. By far the biggest difference I saw was scent. I was hoping this would have a more pleasant woody smell than my brand, but I was shocked by how brilliant it was. There wasn’t a noticeable woody smell, but by golly did this thing contain scent. It must be the green flecks because the regular Cat litter by Cature didn’t stop the poop scent like that, only this sensitive litter.

I have two cats who are absolute stinkers in the litter tray and one perfect gentleman who always covers his. My stinkiest cat could knock a house down with her stinky, uncovered poops. Normally I scoop them immediately. With this litter I still scoop them within ten minutes, but there’s no more gagging, no more spraying half a carton of air freshener; it’s a July miracle. I cannot overstate how good Cature Clumping Wooden Litter is at stopping the scent getting out.

If you’re switching from regular clay litter, there’s some stuff you need to know. Your cats will take time to adjust (mine did, even going from larger litter) and you can mix the litter types slowly to account for that. With natural wooden litter there’s no more grains dragged into bedding or all over the house, some stray pellets do get out, but it’s much more manageable. The best difference is no dust! I became very concerned after researching clay litter and dust and that’s why I initially switched.

The Cature Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter is a fantastic litter that stops poop and pee smell in its tracks, protects your cats from dust clouds and is a great natural option. The only downside is that it is quite expensive, so it won’t be right for everyone for that reason. It also depends on how many cats you have. For example, with three cats this box of litter lasts about a week. So about a month with one cat. If it's right for you, it could be a fantastic switch, but if not there are other options out there too.

You can buy Cature Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter (sensitive) at Amazon.ca for CDN$199.99 (at time of review)

You can also sign up for Rakuten when buying online and make more cash! If you use this link and spend more than $25 you will get $5 plus cashback on any purchase!

Make cash on stuff you were going to buy anyway!

I received this for free through the Amazon Vine program, which I will always be upfront about. I'm allowed to review it however I want and won't shy away from negative reviews.

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