About Westley


As one of Amazon Canada's Top Reviewers I'm obviously extremely passionate about reviews! With the help of my family I test and review products over a wide range of categories.


I started writing reviews to inform others and as I've written more than 3,000 reviews to date I like to think I know what I'm talking about. I'd love to see everyone get passionate about reviews and consumer rights!

When reviewing it's most important to me to convey any negatives and positives I noticed during testing, but also to talk about who the product is right (or wrong for). Opinions can be different, but a review that tells the facts will always help with your decision. I never lie and I can't be bought, so you know I'll tell it straight.

 In my spare time, I'm mostly reviewing, testing, crafting and playing video games with my family. I also dabble in photography and many more hobbies, I love to learn and try new things!

ARCHIBALD (Archie, Arch-Barch, Prime Minister Fluffybuns) is a five year-old Birman Rescue who was adopted from a shelter after a pet store abandoned him for a minor knee problem. He is a typical cat's cat, hates being picked up, but will deign to snuggle with you. Loves to bump his head on everything at a near frantic pace and meow for seemingly no reason. He doesn't get catnip.

Known for: High energy. Curly villain mustache whiskers The world's loudest meow. Biting. Picking up toys and walking with them in his mouth.

Favourite Toy: Rose Print Fabric mouse. (Unknown brand)

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CORNELIUS (Corny, Candy-Corn, Coco) is a ten year old champagne ginger kitty who was born to a feral mum and yet is the snuggliest cat you've ever met. Frequently found convincing non-cat people to turn to the dark side, everyone who meets him falls in love. He loves belly rubs (for as long as you'll give them), food and staring deep into your eyes. He hates injustice!

Known for: Low Energy. Chonk. Being the sweetest. Holding your hand with his paw. Loud purrs. Waiting at the door to be picked up when you first come home.

Favourite Toy: Go Cat DaBee Teaser Wand.

Bonnie-Belle (Bobo, Little Boo, Bonnarella, La Isla Bonita) is a five year old dilute Tortie who was found on the streets of Montreal before she should have even been separated from her mum. Adopted from a foster home, she is a (mostly) quiet, sweet cat who always wants to snuggle with her siblings (much to their annoyance). She loves to wrestle, but she cheats.

Known for: Sudden bursts of energy. Ginger half mustache above her lip. Huge ears. Sleeping with her face planted straight down on surfaces. Licking your clothes and making icky little wet patches.

Favourite Toy: Toss-up between Go Cat DaMouse Teaser Wand and plastic spring cat toys (any brand).

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